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Mission Statement

To empower people to move forward in their lives by providing exceptional real estate experiences that have lasting positive impact.


Core Values

All of our team members are accountable for the following core values:

CRUSH IT: We are committed to excellence and embrace change

COMMUNICATION: We seek to understand and communicate clearly

RESPECT: We respect the thoughts and time of those around us

INTEGRITY: We always choose to do the right thing and operate professionally

LEADERSHIP: We seek to edify, motivate and inspire others

HUMBLE: We are grateful and check our egos at the door

OWN IT: We are accountable for our actions

WELL BALANCED: With our commitments and our temperaments

PROACTIVE: We innovate and constantly improve

UNITY: We have fun, encourage and celebrate the journey TOGETHER


Statement on Equality

Building the future begins with education, equal access to housing and opportunity for all.

Coldwell Banker supports a culture of dignity and respect for all. We strongly condemn acts of racism and violence.

“We understand that our words and our actions on equality of opportunity have powerful impacts. We will not assume we know the concerns of those around us, and we will err on the side of openness, empathy, safety, and respect for all. We can, should, must and will do more. We hear you. We see you. We stand with you." - Ryan Gorman, President & CEO of Coldwell Banker

We stand with our communities in the fight against racial injustice. We are here to listen, learn, and act.

This is our commitment to you!

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Liz Montaner and Crew

If you are looking for a seasoned realtor team with a proven track record, solid marketing background, and strong local knowledge who can assist you with your home sale or purchase from start to finish - look no further! Call Liz & Crew today for a free market analysis or a detailed buyer consultation. You will receive market prep tips, free staging advice and home improvement contractor recommendations.